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Health Benefits of Gond Laddus: Perfect Winter Sweet

Health Benefits of Gond Laddus: Perfect Winter Sweet

As soon as winters knock, the first and foremost laddu which clicks us is the GOND LADDU. There are various Indian families where preparing laddus for winters at home is a tradition and undoubtedly it is loved by all family members

Gond Laddu is a herbal Indian sweet which reserves its own special place among all the traditional sweets. That’s why there is also the tradition of gifting this laddu on special occasions like Diwali, Rakhi, Makar Sankranti, Marriages etc. and is being served as a specialty in gatherings.

Health Benefits of Gond Laddu

Gondh is widely used in Ayurvedic preparations and is great for boosting immunity, stamina and health.

  1. It keeps the body warm from inside in the winters.

  2. It strengthens and nourishes the bones tissues as these are enriched with proteins, calcium and magnesium.

  3. It lubricates the joints in the body which prevents back ache, joint ache etc.

  4. It improves body immunity as these are enriched with fibre, good fats and contains sufficient calories.

  5. It strengthens the body of a breastfeeding mother.

  6. Prevents body from seasonal viruses.

  7. Gond laddu prepared with gur/gud (Jaggary) instead of sugar improves stamina.

  8. It is also good for improving eyesight.

Do not miss on the awesomeness of Gond Laddu this season. They are a perfect gift to your loved ones. So, gift happiness along with assured health with this delicacy.

  • 17 Oct 2019
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